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Niña jugando con pelotas

Relax Birthday Package

1to10year old.



Capacity: 15 adults and 15 children (adjustable).

SG Package Reversal:$700.00

Tired of the fact that on every birthday the house is totally messy and as if that were not enough, after all the physical wear and tear caused by attending to the guests, the difficult task of cleaning, scrubbing, collecting and ordering the mess overwhelms you. Well, you are in the right place, at SG we bring you a perfect solution, you will not have to worry about any of the above. Join us and I'll show you:

Plan details:

Personalized invitation with digital theme in video and JPGE.
Basic decoration with balloons 
30 name holders
30 simple baskets
Chairs, tables, tablecloths. 
Exclusive birthday area for 2 hours.
Expert entertainer in children's events for two hours.
Ambient music, children's theme
All disposables (30 plates, 30 spoons, napkins.)
Sweet allusive to the theme in professional gumpaste. 
30 surprise items. 
Piñata with theme of your choice.
2.5 pounds of pills.


Additional services if you wish to add them (additional costs):

Cupcake tray.
Custom hollyhocks.
Sweater print with names and photos.
Personalized baskets.
magician show
Paint Faces
Popcorn and cotton candy stand. 
Fair scraping. 
Professional photographer. 
Candy Bar with gold carriage.
Personalized backing print 2x2 meters. 


Reservations and quotes. 

Sales Executives.

Birthdays in other rooms.

Birthday in your Home.

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